21 Years of DJM Suspension

21 years is a long time making parts for lowering trucks and SUV’s. Streetruck Magazine recognized our accomplishment with a feature article in their November 2010 issue, thanks guy’s! We’ve come a long way and used the time to perfect our parts, develop the tech help that makes lowering your truck with our parts easier than ever before. It’s all about you and what makes you different – it’s the how and why we make your lowering kits!

WHAT WORKS - goes into detail on what kinds of parts are used to lower and how they work.  Why some parts are better than others for certain applications, the benefits of complete kits, and finding accessory parts like ball joints, bushing kits, alignment kits and other hard to find stuff.

APPLICATIONS - where you want to go to find the correct part number for your project. Sorted by Make/Model/Year find your truck and pick the drop kit that’s right for you. You can choose complete kits or individual parts, or even accessory parts like ball joints, bushing kits and more!

TECH SUPPORT – is so important we gave it it’s own web-site. www.calmaxsuspension.com is there for you to use as a resource for installation tips, tricks, and your stories. “The Garage” is a format for you to show off your work and help others at the same time. There are tech articles in a “magazine” style on popular kit installs with lots of pictures. And the questions you ask are answered as fast as we can to keep you wrenching. Tip – type a word in the search box to pull up every post or article referring to your word.

CONTACT US – For information regarding orders, tech, or anything you want to talk about