1965–1979 Ford F100 3inch Lowering I-Beams




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1965 – 1979 Ford F-100 3″ Lowering I-Beams

We experimented with different ways to build a strong accurate lowering beam you can just bolt on.  Our exclusive tubular construction is the most accurate lowering beam anywhere. We use thick walled DOM tubing, nested, welded in the fixture giving you full alignment adjustment. The fabricated "I-beam" type parts suffer from "weld creep" as they are welded, which simply means they warp a little. That makes it hard to get consistent finished parts!

These King Pin beams drop the front of your F-100 3″. They fit all F100′s from 1965 to 1979 doesn't matter if you have drum or disc brakes. If you have drum brakes and you want to upgrade to discs (very popular) all you have to do is use the disc brake spindle and king pins with these beams and away you go. They come with tie-rod extenders to keep your tie rods properly centered in the radius arms just like stock height and a custom wrench to ease the installation!


Caution:  If you try to lower I beam trucks with springs you get trouble, if you heat or cut your springs, even if you use a "lowering" spring you cause alignment issues you just can't correct out!

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Weight 40 lbs

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