ASB2001R Calmax Anti Sway-Bar

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2001 – 2015  Avalanche, Tahoe, Suburban  1.13″ Solid calmax rear anti sway-bar by djm

Here is a true performance product. A 1.13″ solid anti sway-bar that fits in the factory location through hard urethane bushings fitting the factory brackets. Increased performance, less unsprung weight a true win win deal!  The Avalanche, Tahoe, Suburban rear bar comes with hard urethane bushings and original equipment style endlinks. Reducing bushing deflection on your rear sway bar makes it respond faster and more efficiently than any factory part. Flattening transitions and reducing leverage the suv body has on the suspension giving you more control, safety and peace of mind. Installation is really pretty easy, mounting to existing factory points, you can do this at home, no problem!

Click the DJM University article on Anti Sway-Bars, find out why you need them and how they work!


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    Weight 20 lbs