ASB2599F Calmax Anti Sway-Bar

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1999 – 2006 Silverado 1.5″ Tubular front sway-bar by djm

You want performance, that’s why your here! Replace that skinny factory bar with this monster 1.5″ Calmax tubular front swaybar. You’ve lowered it added your wheel and tire package, upgraded brakes, chip or engine manage system, maybe even aerodynamics. The missing piece to get your truck to run like it’s on rails are better anti-sway bars! This front bar will help you stick that rear end down while flattening the front lateral roll and radically improve transition response. Mounting in the factory brackets through hardened urethane bushings, deflection is reduced making the swaybar faster to respond and more efficient when it does. Kinda puts “sport” back in Sport Trucks! One more thing, to complete the package add the ASB2599R rear swaybar, your truck doesn’t even have a skinny rear bar to replace! Let this front/rear sway bar combo blow you away, better yet, you can blow others away with the flat out performance of your truck!


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    Weight 20 lbs