ASB2599R Calmax Anti Sway-Bar

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1999 – 2006  Silverado  1.0″ Solid rear anti sway-bar by djm

As you have probably already noticed your truck doesn’t have a factory rear anti-sway bar. Might be because pick up trucks already have a reputation for “oversteer” from the factory! Or, in other words the rear end seems to want to pass the front end when things get out of control in a corner. Ok, then why in the heck would I want to put a bar on the back of my already oversteering pick up truck? Good point, depending on your driving style the rear bar can help you with control over the amount of oversteer and improve your handling. The latest pick up models do have small, rear anti – sway bars from the factory and most have redesigned suspension systems as well. Back to your Silverado – if you want it to run like it’s on rails you need a rear anti – sway bar and even better you need to combine it with the Calmax ASB2599F front sway bar for maximum performance!


The Silverado rear bar comes with a seriously heavy duty hardware kit so you can install your pivot points in hard urethane bushings and original equipment style endlinks. Reducing bushing deflection on your rear sway bar makes it respond faster and more efficiently than any factory part. Flattening transitions and reducing leverage the truck body has on the suspension giving you more control, safety and peace of mind. Installation is really pretty easy, mounting to existing factory points, you can do this at home, no problem!


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