Mild and level is what your looking for without doing anything to radical and it needs to be a deal!

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2001 - 2006 Avalanche/Suburban Complete DJM Kit

featuring calmax control arms   works on both 2WD & 4wd 

An inexpensive way to get a mild drop is to use "Torsion Keys" in the front. Torsion keys actually re-index the ride height down 2" while maintaining factory pre-load and spring rate. Learn more about how complete kits are important for you click here for article at DJM University and about torsion bars here. A pair of engineered drop coils replacing the factory rear springs produce a 3" drop. Shock extenders finish out the kit by keeping the factory shocks optimized for best performance. Or upgrade the rear shocks with Calmax SuperShocks number 2000

CALMAX Front Shocks

CALMAX Control Arms often allow you to keep your factory shocks! Here you can keep and DON"T have to replace your Factory Shocks

CALMAX Rear Shocks

The 3 inch Rear Coil Springs with the Shock Extenders is a great way to lower. Using Calmax SuperShocks finishes your installation with the best shock you can buy. Use part number 2000!

Why are Complete Kits Important?

  Johnny Cash wrote a song about collecting a bunch of good working parts that were not designed to work together and found it doesn’t always end well! Don’t believe me, click up there! (Turn up your speakers) You can build a radical engine by combining parts made by different manufactures but you really have […]

Torsion Keys

What do torsion bar keys do and how do they do it? To understand what a torsion bar key does we need to take a look at the whole torsion bar front end. First, a torsion bar is really a spring. It works just like a coil spring except it twists instead of compressing and […]

Coil Springs

Coil springs and torsion bars are the easiest way to lower a truck. Let’s face it, you can for almost no money, either heat or cut coil springs. Torsion bars are even easier. Its so tempting, too many people have either turned back their torsion bars, or cut their springs and tried to live with […]


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    Weight 30 lbs