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Psst, don’t tell anybody but I have a 4WD truck and I want to lower it. Can you help?

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4WD trucks aren't just for off road anymore! There is a serious group of 4WD owners who don't want to lift, or off-road their trucks. In fact they even want to lower a little and still be able to negotiate snowy wet roads or what ever nature throws their way. Cool, we made these kits just for you!


Here is an economical 4WD lowering kit, no joke, really! Torsion bar keys will re-index the front end to a 2″ drop without changing spring rate, important for ride quality, can be aligned and your 4WD works perfectly!


As you already know the rear is the same as your 2WD brother so you add the 4″ hanger / shackle kit and you have a inexpensive, effective, and great looking lowering kit for your 4WD!

CALMAX Front Shocks

CALMAX Control Arms often allow you to keep your factory shocks! Here you can keep and DON"T have to modify your factory strut!!

CALMAX Rear Shocks

CALMAX SuperShocks are the best choice for your project. Here you can choose the correct rear shock to work with these DJM parts 

Why are Complete Kits Important?

  Johnny Cash wrote a song about collecting a bunch of good working parts that were not designed to work together and found it doesn’t always end well! Don’t believe me, click up there! (Turn up your speakers) You can build a radical engine by combining parts made by different manufactures but you really have […]

Torsion Keys

What do torsion bar keys do and how do they do it? To understand what a torsion bar key does we need to take a look at the whole torsion bar front end. First, a torsion bar is really a spring. It works just like a coil spring except it twists instead of compressing and […]

Hangers and Shackles

Rear leaf spring shackles are commonly used to “Level” trucks. For those of you who just can’t stand the “stink bug” look of factory stances, the lowering shackle is for you! Typical drop is two inches and fairly simple to install. You simply remove the factory shackle and replace it with a longer drop shackle. […]


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