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Yep it’s subtle, they will ask, did you lower this thing? It looks good, what did you do? You can tell them …

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2007 - 2015 Avalanche, Tahoe, Suburban Complete DJM Kit

Coil Spring Front / Coil Spring Rear  works on both 2wd & 4wd

Some think lowering 4WD’s is silly, well who cares what they think, here we are looking at a 2/3 kit for the 07 -15 4WD Suburban. Because your working with a 4WD as a practical matter we are limited to changing springs, so we use 2″ drop springs in the front and 3″ drop springs in the rear.

The front spring is a 2″ drop coil replacing the factory coil on your front strut assembly. Be advised the front coil has a load on it even after you remove the complete strut from your Suburban, if you don’t have a spring compressor or don’t feel comfortable taking the strut apart take it to your local mechanic, they can change the spring for you!


The rear spring is a very simple remove the factory coil and install your new DJM coil! Sounds easy, and it is but your not done yet. To keep the rear suspension operating as one harmonious unit you’ll need to install the rear kit brackets and hardware following the instructions. You will have plenty of suspension travel and a great ride for your lowered 4WD Suburban and some will think you have performed magic! It’s all possible with DJM.


Works great with factory shocks!

Why are Complete Kits Important?

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Coil Springs

Coil springs and torsion bars are the easiest way to lower a truck. Let’s face it, you can for almost no money, either heat or cut coil springs. Torsion bars are even easier. Its so tempting, too many people have either turned back their torsion bars, or cut their springs and tried to live with […]

DJM Rear Kits

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