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A mild “Family Style” drop that turns heads!

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2007 - 2015 Chevy Silverado / Sierra Complete 2/3 DJM Kit with Cast Alumnum Spindles - 2016/2017 Silverado

2WD only - not intended for 4WD platform
2014 and 2015 Silverado's come from the factory 2 ways, either with cast iron steering knuckles or cast aluminum steering knuckles. It is important to know what you have, before you order your parts. Click on the images below to help you identify your spindle!

So, how can I find out which spindle I have? Probably the easiest way is to turn your steering wheel all the way to the left (drivers side), should look like the image above,  find your spindle. If it is dark, a little rusty looking it is a cast iron spindle. If it is silvery or shiny it is a aluminum spindle. If you have any doubt get another opinion or ask you mechanic.   

It's Easy to Choose!

Have cast aluminum spindles on your 2014/15? You're in the right place! Have Cast Iron spindles?   Click here DJM2507-2/3 for the correct kit!

If you have a 2016/17 Silverado this is the correct kit

Here we're introducing the Calmax Control Arms to the drop kit for the Silverado. Instead of changing coil springs we change the lower control arms, this retains your full factory travel without changing alignment or causing any wheel interference problems. It is simply the best way to lower the front of a late-model Silverado or full-size SUV


In the rear you are actually moving the axle from beneath the leaf spring to on top of the leaf spring. This is done by using DJM’s exclusive pinion adjustable axle brackets, complete with new U-bolts and spring plates. The kit also contains shackle hanger brackets which invert the way the shackles mounts the frame and a pair of longer shackles in order net out your 3″ drop.

(A clever way to get around those welded hangers!)

CALMAX Front Shocks

CALMAX Control Arms often allow you to keep your factory shocks! Here you can keep and DON"T have to modify your factory strut!!

CALMAX Rear Shocks

CALMAX SuperShocks are the best choice for your project. Here you can choose the correct rear shock to work with these DJM parts 

Why are Complete Kits Important?

  Johnny Cash wrote a song about collecting a bunch of good working parts that were not designed to work together and found it doesn’t always end well! Don’t believe me, click up there! (Turn up your speakers) You can build a radical engine by combining parts made by different manufactures but you really have […]

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Calmax Control Arms

Control arms or “A” arms or maybe “wishbones” are the components that attach the spindle/brake assembly to the frame. In almost every case there is an upper and lower arm. The lower arm is the big one, supporting the weight of the front end through a spring or torsion bar. The lower arm is where […]

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Flip Kits

The first thing to get off the table regarding “flip kits” is nothing is actually flipped! Simply put a flip kit moves the axle from beneath the leaf spring to on top of the leaf spring. The devil is in the details here and how its done is very important. When you place your axle […]

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