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This is where it all began, the classic drop spindle. One could say the entire modern lowering culture sprang from this part! Be aware this spindle is for a 88-91 Standard Cab Only!!

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1988 – 1991 Chevy C1500 Standard Cab only 2″ Drop Spindles by DJM

djm drop spindles - note: This part is for 88-91 Std. Cab only

This is a 2″ drop spindle designed specifically for the 88 – 91 Standard Cab Chevy C1500. To be specific, this spindle has a spud (axle) length of 4.25″ and requires the inner wheel bearing outer diameter to be 1.25″. This is different from all other 88-98 C1500's including 454′s and X-cabs, so don’t try this part on those applications!

Now, if this is the right part, great you have a spindle that will give you a 2″ drop right out of the box and more if you add a coil spring! Be advised, drop spindles have a problem sometimes with wheel clearance! In particular, for all drop spindles built for the 88 – 98 C1500's using the factory 15″ wheel (or any 15" wheel) you have to modify the factory lower control arm to eliminate a wheel contact problem when you turn. What happens is the 15" wheel will contact the factory lower control arm when you make a tight turn (think parking lot). You can grind a small amount of relief in the factory control arm to eliminate this pesky issue.


This spindle only works on 88-91 C1500 Standard Cab Trucks! If you have any other 88-98 C1500 use this part DS2056-2


Learn more about Spindles at DJM University


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