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The classic 6″ rear leaf spring flip kit in action with shackles for an extra inch!

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1999 – 2006 Chevy Silverado / Sierra 7″ Complete leaf spring axle flip kit by Djm

Heres where you move that axle from below your leaf spring to sitting on top of your leaf spring for the express purpose of getting the maximum amount of drop! This is a lot of work so your a serious enthusiast looking for a serious drop when you “flip axles”. On the 99 – 06 Chevy’s the frame is straight and when you flip you need to “C-section” the frame to get back some of the travel you lose because of the “flip”. Thats where the cutting and grinding comes in! DJM flip kits feature big thick frame reinforcements, axle brackets that allow you to set the pinion angle, a shock extender and a whole bunch of hardware.

You will need Calmax SuperShocks numbers 1800, and 1900. In case your wondering why 2 different shock part numbers in the rear? Your factory shock mounts are staggered, one in front and one behind the rear axle, since your going to the trouble to lower why not have the optimum length shock for each side!

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