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4″ Rear Universal Aluminum Lowering Block Kit by DJM

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1982 – 2004 Chevy S-10 / S-15 , Blazer / Jimmy 4″ Universal Lowering Block Kit by djm

The hot set up for the rear of small and mid-size pick ups plus suv’s where the axle is on top of the leaf spring is the good old lowering block kits. Available in both aluminum and steel, there is a block kit to fit your needs! All kits have new U-bolts, nuts and washers!


In 97 Chevy changed the shape of the rear leaf springs in such a way to require a steel plate to seat the lowering blocks on. This keeps the blocks from getting point loaded and potentially breaking. Use instead of LB1023-4!  for 1997 – 2003 S-10’s and Blazers


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We recommend Calmax SuperShocks, check in the kits for the best part number for you!


Learn more about Lowering Block Kits at DJM University



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