Anti Sway Bars

 Anti Sway-Bars


Anti-sway bars, aka: sway-bars, antiroll bars, roll bars (not to be confused with roll cages), stabilizer bars, or just plain bars (not to be confused with Joe’s Bar) single purpose in life is to control body deflection when you corner, they do this amazingly well. For a “tuned” suspension with performance after you “style” your ride, CALMAX Anti-Swaybars are the best choice.

Why do we need swaybars?

Performance, comfort and safety!

When you hear terms like “oversteer”,”push”, “understeer” etc. you know someone’s talking about performance and in this instance they’re talking about handling. In the truck lowering conversation we have not talked about handling much, performance almost never.
Anti-swaybars connect the frame & body of the truck to the suspension in such a way as to act like a torsion spring. When you corner, the weight of the truck is pushing down on one side of the swaybar and pulling up on the other. This action causes the swaybar to twist or act as a torsion bar. The swaybar resists this force, which causes your truck to remain much more level when cornering. Cornering stability is a fundamental of performance/handling, allowing higher cornering speeds during competition.

In non-competitive driving swaybars can still improve your cornering stability allowing you to negotiate turns at legal speeds much more comfortably and safely by reducing body roll. We have all experienced body roll, it happens every time you drive. In normal driving straight-ahead conditions you rarely notice. Hit some off ramps on the freeway going too fast, turning hard while braking, and you will experience body roll that is uncomfortable. Do this hard enough you might experience even more bodily functions! Performance starts with comfort and confidence. It’s hard to be confident when you’re all puckered up behind the wheel. Besides being uncomfortable, body roll affects your alignment. As your truck leans in a turn your control arms change position and produce negative camber on the inside wheel and more importantly you get positive camber on the outside (load bearing) wheel. This matters because with excessive camber the “contact patch” (the actual area of you tire which is in contact with the road) is significantly reduced, traction is reduced, and your ability to safely negotiate the turn is reduced. Swaybars resist this body roll and weight shift to the outside wheels at normal driving speeds providing you the same performance upgrade that a professional competitive driver experiences when they race. Anti-swaybars are popular accessories on large, slow and unwieldy vehicles like motorhomes and RV’s. Recreational vehicle drivers are hip to the handling improvements anti-swaybars provide, and swear by them.


CALMAX Anti Sway-bars

Combine the benefits of anti-swaybars with the handling effects of a good lowering kit and you have style and performance! Now bigger brakes can more effective, your tire selection is more important, the engine management system can be utilized better. The total performance of your truck gets kicked up a big notch with the addition of swaybars. Anti-swaybars – there not just for competition anymore!