Chevy C-10 Spindles and Aftermarket Disc Brake Rotors

Here’s something you should know!

There have been issues with 73 – 87 Chevy C-10 lowering spindles and aftermarket brake rotors. The problem it seems is with the aftermarket rotors making contact with the original equipment calipers. You should know about this because we can’t get factory replacement rotors from Chevy any longer.

We tackled the issue with the help of our friends at Summit Racing! If you just need to replace your rotors, no problem. We ordered a set of rotors (part number BEN-PRT1043) from Summit, received them the next day and installed the new Summit rotors on our lowering spindle (part number DS 2045H-3) with no problems. The fit and finish on the Summit rotors is great, they include bearing races and fit beautifully. No clearance problems at all and the best part, they were only $49/each for brand new brake rotors. Can’t vouch for all aftermarket rotors, there are many to choose from but we found these Summit Racing parts worked great!

Here's a link to the Summit Brake Rotors

Summit Racing brake rotor for a 73-87 Chevy C-10

Here's a link to DJM Lowering Spindles

DJM lowering spindles for a 73-87 Chevy C-10