How to turn a dirt bike into a SEMA Show F100 head turner!

How to turn a dirt bike into a SEMA Show F100 head turner!

So how did Larry, turn this motorcycle into a SEMA Show truck? A little magic, a little luck (maybe) a lot of work(yep), a bunch of vision and some help (sure). Why, thats a great question, lets find out!

Larry Ashley is the marketing manager, involved in product development and a aftermarket enthusiast. Or, in other words, he’s nuts about modified cars and trucks.  Nuts enough to morph a Honda XL600 from a motorcycle into a SEMA Show truck. How did he do it? In Larry’s words “I obtained my 69 Cougar by trading my 87 Honda XL600 that I had bought and rode for 3 years and 700 bucks. From there I did my typical I have to build this into something really cool and for the most part I was heading that direction as you can see in the pics. But SEMA last year (2014) there was this red F100 like a 75 - 78 short bed. Well I went back to the truck all week, a rarity for me and I knew I had to have one. I showed the truck to my wife and what does she say? “How can we afford another vehicle”. She was right, there was no way we could afford another car. What should I do, well I decided to trade up! I started going through Craigslist ads looking for a F100. Of course none said they would trade but didn’t let that slow me down. Can I find someone who has a F100 that wants a Cougar? Why my Cougar? I already built a wicked 68 Mustang, and a 69 Torino and the 69 Cougar. They are all basically the same car so the Cougar was my choice to trade for a truck. One day this F100 popped up and I did my usual email and the guy got back to me right away with what’s wrong with the Cougar lol! I told him just looking for something new. He asked where I was located and we found out we were only 10 miles from each other. He agreed to come to me, wow that never happens, shows me the truck first. I gave it a quick look over and told him yea, it’s what I’m looking for. So he wants to look at the Cougar, I wish I had pictures of his reaction. You should have seen his eyes light up as he walked up to the car. It’s obvious to me as he looks, especially the interior, he really loves the car. With a huge smile on his face, he says if your serious I will trade you right now, I counter it’s a deal but I need to keep the wheels that are on the Cougar, he counters, as long as you have wheels for it he will do it! Cool, so I take the Cougar home that night and change back to stock wheels and he delivers the truck to me. Went inside and told my wife, she just tells me “you are crazy” and laughs”!

He makes it sound easy, fact is the trading was easy (maybe), the build was a little more difficult (yep) but Larry stuck to it transforming the F100 into a SEMA Show truck that was proudly displayed in the TMI booth during the 2015 SEMA Show.

Of course there's more to the story, this F100 needs a ton of work! The following images give up a peek into what went on during the build.

What DJM Kit did Larry Use on this F100?

The famous DJM Dream Beam set up for king pin Fords. Find out more? Click on the button.

Here is a list of contributors who help make this project happen!

Master Power Brakes

Disc Brake Conversion

American Racing

Road Wheels

Continental Tires


Dakota Digital

Dashboard Gauges


Cab Interoir

Retro Sound

Stereo System


Shift Conversion Kit



DJM Suspension

Lowering Suspension 

HID Headlights



Interior Accessories


Exhaust System

Champion Radiators


Tanks Inc.

Gas Tank