1963 – 1972 C-10 Control Arms (Drum Brakes Only)


I can lower 3″ with a spring! Yep, you can but you lose suspension travel and put in more labor to install while your at it! Lets talk about alignment…

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Ok, your working on a truck that is almost 50 years old, time to replace some stuff that comes brand new, installed on these Calmax control arms right from our factory. You get brand new all steel ball joints, brand new urethane bushings controlling that brand new mounting shaft that is already installed in the arm and we haven’t even talked about lowering yet! Almost forgot, these baby’s lower your front end 3″ without losing any suspension travel or compromising the alignment. Did I mention no wheel clearance problems, sorry just got to excited. Really, when you think about it, it’s cheaper to buy these arms with all new parts installed than to try to rebuild your factory arms and drop it with coils! Have you ever tried to get the factory mounting shafts out of 50 year old control arms so you can replace the bushings, it defines labor intensive.

If you have drum brakes use CA2355L-3

If you have disk brakes use CA2356L-3


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Weight 40 lbs