1965 – 1972 Ford F-100 4inch Rear Leaf Spring Hanger and Shackle kit




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965 – 1972 Ford F-100 4″ Rear Leaf Spring Hanger and Shackle kit by DJM

By repositioning the leaf spring mounting points you can get a 4″ drop on the rear of your 65-72 F-100. The front spring eye hangers replace the factory brackets that are riveted on. By moving where the spring mounts up you will get a 2″ drop and add a longer shackle on the rear of the leaf spring giving you another 2″, it all totals out to 4″.


Note: You will need shock numbers 1900 or 1910 for the rear depending on the shock mounts on your truck!

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Weight 20 lbs

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