1982-2004 S10/S15 Pick-up & 1982-1997 Blazer/Jimmy Drop Spindles



1982 – 2003 S-10/S-15 & 1982-1997 Blazer/Jimmy 2 inch Drop Spindle Set

A close look at our spindles will tell the story of precision machining resulting in ball joints & tie-rods properly positioned, quality meehanite castings machined as accurately as the 4142 Chrome moly spuds (axles) inserted into them. All of this adds up to a strong accurate part. It’s a fair amount of work to change your spindle, so don’t waste your effort with inferior spindles. Another smart thing to do at this time is to inspect and replace if necessary your wheel bearings, ball joints and take a good look at your tie rod end. Chances are they fine but if in your excitement you miss a worn bearing, it’s a lot of labor to go back in and change it!

By the way you get a full 2″ of drop with your factory coils and you can use factory length shocks.

Here's an important tip - the newer S-10's used a "steering knuckle" instead of a spindle. Make sure your S-10 has a spindle before you buy this kit!  It’s also important to note in 1998 on the Blazer and Jimmy SUV's, Chevy changed from this traditional spindle to a steering knuckle, a type of spindle that can be used for both 2 and 4wd trucks. This DJM spindle will not work on these!

This item does NOT come with shocks. DJM recommends:

  • Front Shock 1315 (sold each)

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs

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