1988-1998 Chevy C1500 Complete DJM 2/4 Kit


Go mild, go wild! Maybe not wild, the mild stance is what your after. A popular stance on a classic truck, you’ll love how you look!

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Note: This spindle does not work on 1988-1991 C1500 Standard Cab trucks

Another way to do a 2 / 4 drop is with “good ol” drop spindles. The 88-98 C1500 made drop spindles famous. Back in the day there were spindle makers popping up all over the place. Now there are just a few of us making still making good spindles, most of the”cheapo delux” guys are gone and the spindle is still a good way to lower. You get a maximum 2″ drop and keep the factory spring and shock (full travel), and the only thing to worry about is occasional wheel clearance problems.

The rear hanger / shackle kit is the preferred way to bring the rear down keeping factory spring rate, important for carrying loads or towing!

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Weight 50 lbs

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