1992 – 1999 Chevy C2500 / C3500 (8 Lug) Complete 7 Inch Rear axle flip kit


What was once new and modern is now classic! The original 6″flip kit

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Flip kits move your rear axle from beneath the leaf springs to setting on top of the leaf springs resulting in drops from 5” up to 8” depending on the thickness of your leaf spring assembly. Nothing is really “flipped”, just repositioned. Adjustable axle brackets are the feature, which sets DJM’s flip kits apart from all others. The others lock you into predetermined pinion angles whether that’s right for your custom job or not without any ability to change. The DJM brackets allow you to adjust and lock in different pinion angles without additional parts or labor! Here we have a 7″ drop because of the muscular real leaf and frame supports so you can safely “C-notch” your frame and buy back some all important travel. Shock extenders to keep you shocks vertical and all the hardware you need to do all of this included!

Shocks are NOT included with this kit. DJM Recommended parts.

  • Rear Drivers Shock 2000 (sold each)
  • Rear Passengers Shock 2200 (sold each)

Shocks come from different positions on the rear axle, resulting in the need for slightly different length shocks.

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Weight 50 lbs

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