1999 – 2006 Chevy Silverado/Sierra – 5 Inch Front 7 Inch Rear Complete Lowering Kit With Upper Control Arms


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You want the Deep Drop, like in the weeds kinda drop, right? You know of course there will be sacrifices made, right. The big sacrifice here, your five inches closer to the ground, still sporting the factory coil springs and able to set your alignment to factory specs, thats not much of a sacrifice! Calmax Control Arms make this possible, you just can't get that with spindles and springs. If you could we would build it. Upper and lower control arms are the key, this set of arms allowed us to build you a 5" drop around the factory strut that retains full suspension travel and factory ball joint angles. Ball joints move freely without binding and your able to dial in the factory alignment specs! You'll love they way you look!


The rear is done by a flip kit and longer leaf spring shackles to get down a full 7″. The flip kit features frame supports for the “C”-notch and DJM’s exclusive pinion adjustable axle brackets. You just can’t find this anywhere else, a big DJM difference!

Shocks are Not included. DJM Recommended parts:

  • Front Shock number 1415 (sold each)
  • Rear Drivers Shock number 1800 (sold each)
  • Rear Passengers Shock number 1900 (sold each)

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Weight 90 lbs

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