2004 – 2014 Colorado 2″ front coil spring


Want a mild economical drop? Don’t want to slam it or spend a fortune?

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Your Colorado has a strut front end, that is to say the vertical member (strut) consists of a coil spring and shock absorber all built around or in a tube or strut. You can remove the entire assembly from your truck and set on your bench. This is cool because it’s much easier to work on it there than in the truck. To use the 2″ drop spring you remove and replace the factory coil with the DJM 2″ part and put the strut back in the truck and BAM your done.  Note: these springs will not work on a torsion bar suspension



Now it’s not as easy as that, you must be careful taking the strut apart, be sure to follow all instructions regarding the strut – remember the spring is compressed!! and you might consider taking the strut to a speed shop or garage and let them change the spring for you, but you can do the rest! When your done you have a new stance, 2″ lower than stock, maybe showing off those wheels and tires.

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