2004 – 2014 Colorado / Canyon 3 Inch/4 Inch Rear Complete Lowering Kit


It’s unique, not to big, not to small, but it sits to high!

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Add Calmax Control Arms to your kit and get a 3″ drop in the front with all the travel GM designed for the Colorado, no wheel clearance issues and a front end which is factory aligned!   Note: these arms will not work on a torsion bar suspension


The rear end is dropped with 4″ all steel lowering blocks. You’ll notice the angle in the blocks, this is to set your pinion properly and it’s done by installing the tall side in the back so it angles forward. Another important detail built in buy DJM!

Recommended parts

  • Factory shocks front
  • Shock number 2100

Replacement parts

  • Lower Ball Joint OEM
  • Lower Bushing Kit BK2400L

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs

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