2005 – 2014 Toyota Tacoma Complete 3 Inch 4 Inch Lowering Kit


The newest Tacoma can be easily lowered a full 3/4 with this kit! You’ll love the way you look.

Note: This kit will not  work on Pre-Runner models. It will work on X-Runner models however!
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The same kit as DJM2806-3 with one great difference, factory replacement balljoints are installed in the arms, here in our factory! Sometimes we have to wait for ball joints to become available so we can upgrade our parts, and the Tacoma now has replacement ball joints so your installation will be much easier! That’s the DJM Difference!!


Keep your factory strut and coils, use Calmax Upper and Lower Control ams and get a 3″ fully alignable great riding drop. In the rear you install 4″ all steel lowering blocks for the drop and a frame support for your “c-notch” to gain suspension travel to keep your great ride! All of this in one great kit, a DJM tradition

Recommended parts

  • Use factory shock on front
  • Shock number 1910

Replacement Parts

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs

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