2007 – 2014 Toyota Tundra 5 Inch Rear Complete Lowering Kit


Tundra’s do things a little different in the rear, no problem. 5″ drop out of the box for you!

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DJM rear kits are combinations of parts to lower trucks and suvs which do not fit the traditional descriptions like “flip kits” “hanger kits”, etc. Often these rear kits are designed to work with lowering coil springs and include trailing arm brackets, off set swaybar end links. Sometimes a rear kit might be made up from flip kits and lifting shackles, or lifting hangers, or any combination of parts required to lower a vehicle. Hybrid kits for specialized applications!


It's true your Tundra is different in the rear, You still must move that leaf spring to the top of the axle, piece of cake with the hardware included in this kit. 5" of drop with the smooth ride your used too!

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Weight 30 lbs

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