I want to drop my 1500 without any problems, like wheels or alignment, oh yea, a factory ride.

This item is recommended to be used with STOCK upper control arms

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1988 – 1998 Chevy C1500 2″ Calmax Lower Control Arms by DJM

 calmax control arms

Calmax Control Arms frankly were born to solve the wheel clearance problems caused by drop spindles. Like spindles you keep your full suspension travel (factory ride), but unlike spindles you can run any wheel & tire combo that is designed for a C1500. Also unlike spindles you can get more than 2″ drop without coils CA2555L-3. This item is recommended to be used with STOCK upper control arms. If you have any questions on the fitment, please shoot us an email to


All of these Calmax Control Arms have new ball joints and urethane bushings installed and are packaged with new swaybar end-links. We have a 2″, 3″, and 4″ model, with the 2″and 3″ arms using the factory coil spring. The 4″ control arm is actually a 2″ drop arm with the ball joint angles and overall length designed to work specifically with our 2″ drop coil spring. What this means is if you want only a 2″ drop use the 2″ arm and if your going to add a 2″ coil spring to get a total of 4″ use the 4″ control arm for best results!


We recommend Calmax SuperShocks number 1415


Learn more about Calmax Control Arms at DJM University

Calmax Control Arms Installation Instructions You can do your own Alignments – Here’s How! genuine_trans_600

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    Weight 45 lbs