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Go mild, go wild! Maybe not wild, the mild stance is what your after. A popular stance on a classic truck, you’ll love how you look!

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1988-1998 Chevy C1500 Complete DJM 2/4 Kit

Note: This spindle only works on 1988-1991 C1500 Standard Cab trucks

Another way to do a 2 / 4 drop is with “good ol” drop spindles. The 88-98 C1500 made drop spindles famous. Back in the day there were spindle makers popping up all over the place. Now there are just a few of us making still making good spindles, most of the”cheapo delux” guys are gone and the spindle is still a good way to lower. You get a maximum 2″ drop and keep the factory spring and shock (full travel), and the only thing to worry about is occasional wheel clearance problems.

The rear hanger / shackle kit is the preferred way to bring the rear down keeping factory spring rate, important for carrying loads or towing!

CALMAX Front Shocks

CALMAX SuperShocks are the best choice for your project. Here you can choose the correct front shock to work with these DJM parts. The 4 inch front drop means you need a shorter shock. Calmax Supershock part number 1415 is the perfect choice! 

CALMAX Rear Shocks

The 4 inch Hanger and Shackle Kit is a great way to lower your C1500. Using Calmax SuperShocks finishes your installation with the best shock you can buy. Use part number 2200!

Why are Complete Kits Important?

  Johnny Cash wrote a song about collecting a bunch of good working parts that were not designed to work together and found it doesn’t always end well! Don’t believe me, click up there! (Turn up your speakers) You can build a radical engine by combining parts made by different manufactures but you really have […]

Drop Spindles

While control arms might be considered the horizontal members of the front end, spindles would be the vertical member that ties the control arms together. Both upper and lower control arms attach themselves through ball joints to the spindle. This is a cast iron part where the machined “axle” is located. The wheel bearings and brake rotors […]

Hangers and Shackles

Rear leaf spring shackles are commonly used to “Level” trucks. For those of you who just can’t stand the “stink bug” look of factory stances, the lowering shackle is for you! Typical drop is two inches and fairly simple to install. You simply remove the factory shackle and replace it with a longer drop shackle. […]


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