2001 – 2010 Chevy 1500 HD 5 inch Rear Lowering Kit



2001 – 2010 Chevy 1500 HD 5 inch Rear Lowering KIt


To avoid an especially bad installation situation, take a peek at your factory leaf spring eye hangers and make sure they match the look of the picture below! All the 1500HD's we've seen use this part but to make double dang sure you have the right parts, a quick inspection before you order can save you from finding out you don't have the right parts when you need them most!




Not:  This rear kit uses shocks number 2200 + 2400. In case your wondering why 2 different shock part numbers in the rear? Your factory shock mounts are staggered, one in front and one behind the rear axle, since your going to the trouble to lower why not have the optimum length shock for each side!


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Weight 30 lbs

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