2004 Colorado 3/4 Drop

DJM introduces a 3 X 4 drop kit for the Chevy Colorado that saves the ride quality…
Story & photos by Marshall Spiegel

To lower the new Chevy Colorado (or its GMC counterpart, the Canyon), DJM Suspension didn’t just mess around with the coil springs. Determined to preserve the factory ride quality, DJM engineers created a three-inch front drop based on a specially designed lower control arm and a four-inch rear drop achieved with lowering blocks. It should be noted that DJM has manufactured a new, much stronger, all-steel lowering block kit which they recommend for use on all vehicles with six cylinder or larger engines. The DJM 3 X 4 drop kit for the new Colorado proved to be relatively easy and straightforward to install. When installed properly, the kit results in a “macho”, aggressive stance when the Colorado is at rest and excellent ride and handling when the vehicle is underway.

The stock ride height of the black, four-door Colorado in this installation demonstration measured 19 ½ inches in front and 20 ½ inches in the rear (measured from the center of the wheel to the fender lip). After the installation, the ride height measured exactly 16 ½ inches at both ends, indicating a three-inch drop in front and a four-inch drop in the rear.
Although the stock shocks will work with this drop kit, DJM recommends that the stock rear shocks be changed for higher line shocks as part of the installation to improve the resultant ride and handling.

Company president Jeff Ullmann installed his new drop kit at DJM on the spanking new black Colorado in the accompanying photos. Check them out for the highlights of the installation.


Take a look at the 3/4 kit here!