2004 4WD Avalanche 3/3 Drop

2004 Chevy Avalanche Four Wheel Drive Suspension Lowering Kit by DJM

3/3 4WD Calmax Drop Kit for a Chevy Avalanche

Originally published in 2006

A Lowered Functional 4WD by DJM
Four wheel drives have been around a long time. In fact the first recorded 4WD may be a French road tractor built in 1898. More recently Dodge began to mass produce 4WD’s in 1934, Ford introduced their first 4WD “F” series in 1948, and in 1957 Chevy got on board with a 4WD pick up of their own. The popularity of 4WD and off road has never been greater, so your wondering, why am I telling you about 4WD’s I am a lowering guy! Patience gentle reader patience, old dog – new tricks.

There’s a new sheriff in town, a new fad is born, it’s the latest thing, give up? Dropping 4WD’s used to be an adventure in the world of custom suspension sometimes it worked, sometimes, well you know. Times have changed, four wheel trucks don’t just pull stumps and yank cows from the mud, they are the family ride, the toy hauler, the project truck. Just as trucks have become a preferred cruising choice, 4WD trucks have taken their rightful place in the business of urban people hauling. The modern 4WD can be lowered just like their 2WD cousins, infact those 22’s that you’ve had your eye on would look pretty hot on that 4WD Avalanche, if only you could lower it, and were going to show you just how to do it.

We knew DJM Suspension had been working on a line of 4WD lowering kits so off we went to DJM to find out what was going down. What was going down is a 2004 4WD Chevy Avalanche. Using their unique Calmax control arm system DJM brought the front down 3 inches while maintaining the full use of the four wheel drive and the GM alignment figures. On the rear they used a coil spring and hardware combo along with some frame modifications that allows a 3 inch drop with enough suspension travel that you cannot tell your driving a lowered truck. Seems almost like magic, but it drove like stock, with improved handling, Old dog – new tricks. Here’s how it went down.


Take a look at the 3/3 kit here