2007 Tahoe Calmax 3/4 Drop


3-4 drop kit for the new Tahoe improves the look and preserves the ride…

Story & photos by Marshall Spiegel

Published 2007

The stock rear ride height of the new Chevy Tahoe is 23-1/8 inches measured from the center of the hub to the lip of the fender well. The front measured 20 ¼ inches. Someone somewhere decided that the three-inch rake is fashionable. That same someone must be responsible for the fact that the rear ends of most new American vehicles are noticeably higher than the front ends. Nevertheless, most of us who love motor vehicles seem to agree that the “ass-in-the-air” configuration isn’t exactly everyone’s ideal. In any case, the engineers at DJM Suspension in Gardena, CA, not only set out to change the stance of the “down-in-the-mouth” Tahoe with their newly introduced leveling kit and their 2-3 drop kit, but they’ve just launched a brand-new 3-4 drop kit for the ’07 Tahoe. The front drop is based on newly engineered upper and lower control arms. DJM drops the rear by installing new coil springs; relocating the sway bar and changing the angle of the trailing arms. It is basically the same engineering as DJM drop kits for the Suburbans and Tahoes of old. The engineering has stood the test of time. The installation is relatively quick, easy and straightforward. The result is a Tahoe, Chevrolet’s sizable, heavy, bulky SUV, with a greatly improved stance that becomes aggressive and nimble at the same time with ride and handling that is every bit as good as the stock suspension.

DJM’s objectives were to create a 3-4 drop kit for the ’07 Tahoe that would install easily; improve the vehicle’s look and preserve its ride and handling. From covering the following installation and from the time I spent with the ’07 Tahoe after the installation, I am convinced that DJM accomplished each of its goals. DJM has even managed to keep the new 3-4 drop kit affordable. No new shocks are required for this drop since the new Tahoe has struts rather than front shocks and the rear retains the stock shocks with shock extender.

Take a look at the 3/4 kit here