2007 Toyota Tundra 3/5 Drop


Arguably one of the toughest looking trucks on the market, the Toyota Tundra is a popular choice for truck enthusiasts and a target for restylers. Its muscular appeal, stunning performance, and creature comforts can’t be kept a secret anymore. DJM Suspension corralled a Tundra long enough to design a 3/5 CALMAX drop kit, installed and tested it, and here is the story.

The front suspension design is a McPherson Strut type like Ford and Chevys latest platforms. The coil spring and shock absorber are integrated into one and can be removed as a unit. McPherson struts do not lend themselves to lowering with coil springs, loss of travel and ride quality issues inspired DJM to create another CALMAX CONTROL arm system for the Tundra. The arms give the Tundra a 3” drop without changing anything else. Remove and replace, couldn’t be simpler. Of course you can align the front end and use almost any wheel and tire combination you can find for a Tundra. We used the factory wheels for this install without incident.




The rear is the basic truck leaf spring arrangement. DJM moved the axle from below the leaf spring to the top of the leaf. This actually lowered the rear more than the desired 5 inches and DJM designed a shackle package which will lift the rear to the proper ride height. This and the rest of the rear kit has dropped the rear a full 5” without a ride problems. You will need to run shorter shocks and DJM suggest their CALMAX SuperShocks as the perfect choice for performance and ride quality.

Here is the step by step install.