Free Travel

Get Free Suspension Travel on your Suburban, Tahoe and Avalanche!

By DJM Tech


For years professional Installers have been doing this modification to the rear bumps stops for extra clearance and a greatly improved ride. When it comes to lowering certain modifications are justified because you can have a truck that is truly lowered (not just torsion bar adjustment in front and a mild drop spring in the rear) and still have a very good ride. This Calmax Avalanche is lowered 3” in front and 5” in the rear. The front end is lowered simply by replacing the control arms and aligning. The rear consists of a 5” lowering spring, trailing arm and sway bar kit. Also the rear bump stop brackets were removed and a urethane stop was bolted directly to the frame. With the stock bump stop brackets left in place the ride was fair and bottomed about 10% to 15% of the time. Removing the brackets improved the ride to a point that you would think the truck came from the factory with this stance. Remember it does not hurt anything to ride around for a while without this modification. There is very little disassembly involved and no parts to buy except two bump stops. Under some conditions (leasing etc.) you may not want to do this. I think if you wanted the truck retuned to stock this modification is easily reversed.