2001 Tahoe 2/3 Torsion Key Install

During a recent resurrection and beautification of his faithful ’01 Tahoe, the customer sought a very mild drop to achieve a more attractive, aggressive stance. At the customer’s favorite accessory shop, FA Motorsports in Huntington Beach, CA, owner Andy Barger suggested the installation of DJM’s 2X3 drop kit which lowers the front by re-indexing the torsion bars with new torsion bar keys.

“This DJM kit drops the front with torsion bar keys and the rear with coil springs,” explains Barger. “Frankly, it is an easy install and it is relatively inexpensive for the customer. This guy didn’t want to put his Tahoe in the weeds. He simply wanted a mild, inexpensive drop that would leave his vehicle with a more attractive stance. And most importantly, all the reports we’d ever heard on this 2X3 DJM kit and our own testing indicated that the stock ride quality was retained after the installation.”

Unfortunately, the installation of a new, frame lift at FA Motorsports had not been completed by the time the Tahoe was to be lowered. Therefore, the install had to be accomplished on the company’s platform lift. Although installer Josh Bailey got the job done quickly and efficiently, the installation of the DJM drop kit would have been considerably easier on a frame lift.

The Tahoe went from 21 inches in front before the install to 19 ½ inches after the install, a drop of 1 ½ inches, and from 22 inches in front to 18 inches, a 4-inch drop in the rear. And as we anticipated, the stance was greatly improved and the ride quality and handling were not adversely affected.

Check out the accompanying photos that show the highlights of the installation.


Take a look at the 2/3 kit here!