1973 – 1987 C-10 3 Inch Front / 4 Inch Rear complete Lowering Kit


You got alot of competition and choices, you got a classic to restore, heres a good way to start!  

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It's probably time for new bushings and ball joints, why not get them already installed in a new lower Arm and have 3" of drop as a bonus! From our factory, new ball joints, mounting shafts with urethane bushings and urethane bumpstops are installed. You can literally take it out of the box and install in the factory location without doing anything else, sweet! 4" of drop is gained in the rear by repositioning the rear leaf springs. Leaf spring "eye" hangers offset the mount in the front of the spring up on the frame while a pair of longer shackles do the trick on the rear of the spring. That's all you need!

  • As seen on Gearz TV with Stacey David "knucklebuster"

Shocks are NOT included. Recommended parts:

  • Shock number 1409 (sold each)
  • Shock number 2200 (sold each)

Replacement replacement parts:

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs

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