1973 – 1987 C10 Complete 3 Inch/4 Inch Kit


A classic way to lower a classic truck!. Spindles, springs and flip kit! Been working for years.      

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The good old drop spindle, as classic as the truck it’s self, sports a 3″ drop in the front. Whats important here is to be sure to measure the width of your brake rotor. You will have either a 1″ or 1.25″ rotor. If you have a 1.25″ rotor use (DJM2045H-3/4).


4" of drop is gained in the rear by repositioning the rear leaf springs. Leaf spring "eye" hangers offset the mount in the front of the spring up on the frame while a pair of longer shackles do the trick on the rear of the spring. That's all you need!

Shocks are NOT included with this kit.  DJM Recommends:

  • Front shock  1400 (sold each)
  • Rear shock   2200 (sold each)

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs

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