1982 – 2003 S-10 / S-15 Pick Up 4 Inch Front / 4 Inch Rear Complete Kit


Man there are too many ways to lower an S-10! Air, hydraulic, static? Don’t want any worries about air or hydraulic leaks, pumps, hoses, etc.

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The 4" front drop is a combination of 2" drop spindles and 2" coil springs. Both fit in the exact factory locations making installation easy, and nothing will leak or come unhooked! A set of those famous 4" Lowering Blocks by DJM bring the rear down to align with the front and you"ve got "The Stance"   The 4" blocks have the correct pinion angle built in and come with new U-bolts and hardware. It's economical all around, the economy of labor to install and the great price makes this kit a "thumbs up" choice.


Here's an important tip - On the newer S-10's Chevy may have used a "steering knuckle" instead of a spindle. Make sure your S-10 has a spindle before you buy this kit! (By the way, if you have a steering knuckle you can use coil springs to lower)

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