2002 – 2006 Chevy Silverado / Sierra 2 Inch Control Arms 4 Inch Rear Leaf Spring Hanger & Shackle Kit LONG BED ONLY


Functional and fits, thats what you want. Not slammed, mild and head turning! Check your parts before ordering, can get tricky here. LONG BED ONLY

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A better way to get a 2/4 drop is with DJM’s exclusive Calmax Control Arms. Keep your factory coil and keep full factory travel while getting a 2″ drop! Having full travel means you won’t notice any ride change from stock, none of that choppy up against the bumpstop stuff you can get with cut coils of poorly engineered drop coils. You also have no worries about alignment, (read how important alignment is here) or wheel clearance (no minimum wheel size) problems.


Combine the Calmax arms with a 4″ rear hanger and shackle kit to reposition the leaf spring and it’s a complete high quality lowering kit that doesn’t cost as much as your wheels and tires and protects them from unnecessary wear! A DJM exclusive.

Shocks are Not included with this kit. DJM recommends:

  • Front shock 1415 (sold each)
  • Rear driver shock 1900 (sold each)
  • Rear passenger shock 2000 (sold each)

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Weight 40 lbs

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