2007 – 2015 Avalanche, Tahoe and Suburban 3″rear lowering coil spring


Made in the USA! If your tempted to cut or heat your springs to save a buck, good luck. They always hang out with their best friends horrible ride and bad alignment. Springs that are designed on purpose to lower your truck are not so expensive that you have to hang out with horrible ride and bad alignment too!

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Coil springs are the most cost effective way to lower most trucks and suv’s. They can be used to lower from as little as 1” to as much as 5” depending on applications. DJM Coils are computer tested and paired up to give you the most consistent drop you can have with a spring. Coils can be used in combination with spindles and control arms for more lowering.

These 3" lowering coils give you a nice drop on the rear, you may consider using a rear hardware kit RK2007 in order to maximize suspension performance. You can create a little more suspension travel by reading this from DJM University!

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  • Shock number 2000,

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Weight 20 lbs

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