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Here’s the key to lowering the front and keep your factory torsion bar settings

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Calmax Control Arms save you from having to turn down your torsion bars for "the look". Replace your factory arms with an out of the box 3" drop. You still can fool around with your torsion bar settings, and avoid having to put up with a bad ride and unfixable alignment problems!

CALMAX Front Shocks

CALMAX SuperShocks are the best choice for your project. Here you can choose the correct front shock to work with these DJM parts 

Calmax Control Arms

Control arms or “A” arms or maybe “wishbones” are the components that attach the spindle/brake assembly to the frame. In almost every case there is an upper and lower arm. The lower arm is the big one, supporting the weight of the front end through a spring or torsion bar. The lower arm is where […]

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Super Shocks

SHOCKS – WHY? Shock absorbers are a very important part of a “tuned” suspension. To best understand how shocks work, think shock controller rather than shock absorber. That is, after all, what shocks really do. It is the job of your coil/leaf springs (or torsion bars) to actually absorb shock. When you hit a bump or dip […]

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