A mild drop, more than a Shackle but not a flip kit? There’s plenty of room on the frame to move those leaf springs up!

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1999 – 2006 4″ Chevy Silverado / Sierra rear Leaf Spring hanger & shackle kit by djm

If you want a little more drop than a shackle gives just add the leaf spring hanger to the mix and you have a traditional Hanger/Shackle kit. You're moving each end of the leaf spring up 2″ on the frame for a total of 4″. Takes some “elbow grease” to get those rivets out of the factory hanger but darn well worth it!


Big important deal!!! Between 2002 and 2006 Chevy decided to use 3 different leaf spring eye hanger brackets on the Silverado Long Bed, don't ask we have no idea! So, if you have a 2002 - 2006 Silverado Long Bed (Only) you need to do a visual inspection of the factory leaf spring mount where it mounts to the frame near the cab! Maybe even take a quick picture. Then compare what you see with these pictures to make sure you order the correct leaf spring Hanger/Shackle kit. Don't find out you have the wrong one during installation, the AMA say's it could be harmful to your health!



You will need Calmax SuperShocks numbers 1900, and 2000. In case you're wondering why 2 different shock part numbers on the rear? Your factory shock mounts are staggered, one in front and one behind the rear axle, since your going to the trouble to lower why not have the optimum length shock for each side!


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Learn more about Hangers Shackle Kits at DJM University




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    Weight 20 lbs