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Flatten Corners – DJM 4/6 Kit on a 94 C1500

Flatten Corners – DJM 4/6 Kit on a 94 C1500

“We knocked a full ten seconds off our lap time” “Lowering a truck’s center of gravity will allow it to carve through corners with less body roll” That’s what Bob Ryder with STREETTRUCKS Magazine said when describing this 94 Chevy C1500 ‘s transformation from stock to a blast to drive! Check out the original article below!!…Continue Reading

New 2017 DJM Interactive Catalog

New 2017 DJM Interactive Catalog

Here’s an interactive, e-catalog version of our New DJM 2017 Application Guide. Linked to the website providing more content for each part! Check out the images to get the most out of your catalog!   You can download the entire 2017 Catalog here    Continue Reading

Why are Complete Kits Important?

  Johnny Cash wrote a song about collecting a bunch of good working parts that were not designed to work together and found it doesn’t always end well! Don’t believe me, click up there! (Turn up your speakers) You can build a radical engine by combining parts made by different manufactures but you really have…Continue Reading

You can do your own Alignment – Here’s How!

Do it yourself alignment – at home for free – almost!!   Not telling you anything you don’t already know, but alignment is very important! Especially when it comes to lowered trucks and suv’s. You may have spent more hard earned money on wheels and tires than your lowering kit, easy to do, so make…Continue Reading


Lowering and performance go together like a hand in a glove. Beyond the style points earned when lowering your truck there are practical benefits as well. The first and most obvious is the lowered center of gravity. This manifests itself in many ways and we will cover a few. A big way is so important…Continue Reading

Super Shocks

SHOCKS – WHY? Shock absorbers are a very important part of a “tuned” suspension. To best understand how shocks work, think shock controller rather than shock absorber. That is, after all, what shocks really do. It is the job of your coil/leaf springs (or torsion bars) to actually absorb shock. When you hit a bump or dip…Continue Reading

Anti Sway Bars

 Anti Sway-Bars Anti-sway bars, aka: sway-bars, antiroll bars, roll bars (not to be confused with roll cages), stabilizer bars, or just plain bars (not to be confused with Joe’s Bar) single purpose in life is to control body deflection when you corner, they do this amazingly well. For a “tuned” suspension with performance after you…Continue Reading

Ride Quality

Through out the web site you may have noticed the satisfaction triangle, “Ride Comfort, Performance, Alignment”. This is the formula used in the design of all DJM Suspension kits, with ride quality being king. What good is it to lower your truck, make it look fantastic, and then have it ride like *;#*. Ride Quality…Continue Reading


Pulling old classics out of the widows garage has always been a dream for ambitious restorers. Finding a “diamond in the rough” has been a tradition with truck builders since forever. Today it has become much harder to find these “gems” because of demand for older trucks. Today’s world of high gas prices and diminished…Continue Reading

DJM Accessories

DJM ACCESSORIES Sometimes you need something that you just can’t find locally. Maybe you need to refurbish a used part you have or replace a worn item. Here is where you can find things like ball joints, alignment kits, pinion shim kits, grease, bushings, sleeves, etc. etc. The best way to find you elusive part is to…Continue Reading

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