1973 – 1987 C10 3 Inch Drop Spindles (1.25 Inch Rotor)


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A close look at our spindles will tell the story of precision machining resulting in ball joints & tie-rods properly positioned, quality meehanite castings machined as accurately as the 4142 Chrome moly spuds (axles) inserted into them. All of this adds up to a strong accurate part. It’s a fair amount of work to change your spindle don’t waste your effort with inferior spindles. Speaking of wasting time, make sure you get the right spindle set before you start your installation! It’s very important you correctly measure the thickness of your brake rotor, if you get the wrong one you will discover this when you try to assemble your brakes after installing the spindle. Guaranteed to make you say bad words! Heres the deal a 1″ thick rotor use DS2045L-3 or, if you have a 1.25″ thick brake rotor your in the right place! This simple mistake has ruined more than one install experience!

Tech Tip Regarding Aftermarket Brake Rotors

We've heard about some problems with clearance on brake rotors, we did some testing and here is what we found.

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