1973 – 1987 C10 Complete 5 Inch/5 Inch Kit (1.25″rotor)


A classic way to lower a classic truck!. Spindles, springs and flip kit! Been working for years.

1.25 Rotar Only


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The good old drop spindle, as classic as the truck it’s self, sports a 3″ drop in the front. Whats important here is to be sure to measure the width of your brake rotor. You will have either a 1″ or 1.25″ rotor. If you have a 1″ rotor use (DJM2045L-5/5). Pair the spindles up with a set of 2" engineered DJM drop springs, combined you end up with about 5" of total drop in the front!


The rear is a simple flip kit where you move the axle from beneath the leaf spring to on top of the leaf spring. No “C-section” required on your C-10 because the frame has plenty of relief built in and even though you’ve “flipped it you still have plenty of travel! Tech Tip: If your U-bolts are in bad shape, a very real possibility on a 30 - 40+ year old truck, you may consider this kit DJM2045H-5/5LTD. Same as this kit with a flip kit that includes new U-bolts and leaf spring spring plates!

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