2001 – 2006 Avalanche/Suburban/Tahoe 3 Inch Front 3 Inch Rear Complete Kit


Don’t want the slammed look? This 3/3 kit gives you the stance you want. Great choice for the family cruiser. You need to use Calmax SuperShock number 1315 (front shocks) with this kit 4WD and 2WD


To get serious lowering going on, use Calmax control arms up front which keep the factory spring rate and load on your torsion bars while lowering 3". Drop coils replace the factory springs in the rear for a 3" drop. A rear kit includes brackets and hardware to keep the trailing arms away from the frame and positions the factory sway-bar so it can move freely with out contact by including offset swaybar endlinks! Learn more about how complete kits are important for you, click here for article at DJM University. Also learn more about Control Arms and Rear Kits at DJM University. Bonus - Click for more information on Calmax Anti Sway-Bars.

Required parts:

  • Shock number 1315 (sold each)
  • Shock number 2000 (sold each)

Replacement parts

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs

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