2003-2006 (2007 Classic) Silverado/Sierra Crew Crab Complete 3 inch Front / 5 inch Rear Lowering Kit


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2003-2006 (2007 Classic) Silverado/Sierra Crew Cab Complete 3 inch Front / 5 inch Rear Lowering Kit

Note: For Crew Cab trucks that have the leaf spring eye hangers welded to the frame.

Lowered control arms with factory coil springs drop the front 3 inches. New ball joints, urethane bushings and "twin tube" pivot sleeves come assembled for simplified installation.

The rear uses an axle flip kit with new rear shackle hangers and longer shackles.  The new shackle hangers and longer shackles lift the rear back up after the axle flip for a  5 inch total drop.  Included in the kit are pinion adjusting axle brackets, u-bolts, spring plates, and all the needed hardware

Shocks are NOT included with this kit. DJM recommends:

  • Front Shock 1415 (sold each)
  • Rear Drivers Shock 1900 (sold each-you only need one)
  • Rear Passengers Shock 2000 (sold each-you only need one)

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs

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