Pulling old classics out of the widows garage has always been a dream for ambitious restorers. Finding a “diamond in the rough” has been a tradition with truck builders since forever. Today it has become much harder to find these “gems” because of demand for older trucks. Today’s world of high gas prices and diminished sales of new platforms puts even more pressure on finding a good restoration vehicle, but still, there are plenty of old trucks just waiting for you to find them! It is the most popular trend in today’s market to find and restore a “classic” from yesterday. You can buy, rebuild, paint, customize and cruise a classic truck for less money than buying new, and own something unique.


Suspension Is the foundation of any custom build and even if you are going to stay stock you need to invest time and money into replacing the parts that wear. Ball joints, many different kinds of bushings, bump stops, king pins, shock absorbers, coil springs, torsion bars, leaf springs are all suspension parts which have a very definite life time, and need to be replaced at some point. With DJM Suspension lowering kits you get a lot of these replacement parts installed in your DJM parts. So if you want to add a little style to your resto it becomes much easier to justify a suspension kit. All DJM Calmax Control Arms come with all steel ball joints, new urethane bushings, bump stops, and mounting shafts when necessary. All the moving parts are there and new, plus you gain a new lowered stance.

If your restoring a Chevy from 1963 on up you can choose Calmax Control Arms. Not only will you have a engineered lowered stance, but you also will have new ball joints, pivot bushings, bump stops that you would have to replace anyway. Add Calmax SuperShocks and you have a brand new balanced, alignable, engineered front end that’s ready to rock and look great!

Coil springs, another part that doesn’t last for ever, are available for most restorations and provide a new modestly dropped stance with modern engineered spring rates and load capacities.

DJM builds their popular “DreamBeams” dropped I-Beams for Fords all the way back to 1965, the first year of the famous Ford “Twin I-Beam” suspension. The 65 & up F-100 Ranger has become one of the hottest restoration options around today, and DJM has you covered with complete suspension rebuilds on Fords up to 2015.

Drop spindles are a very popular choice for dropping classic trucks, and DJM spindles are considered the best. This is when you take the opportunity to replace your inner and outer wheel bearings and grease seals, and inspect your brakes and calipers or wheel cylinders.

Factory, lowered, or custom, don’t overlook your shocks. The most cost effective way you can positively effect your ride quality and handling is installing great shocks. No matter if your suspension is factory or modified you must have a good shock to tie your suspension together and make it behave. And as you might have guessed we think Calmax SuperShocks are the best truck and suv shocks money can buy. Not the most expensive, but the best.

Restoration is fun and can be rewarding! Send us some pictures of your “resto”

Here’s some pretty impressive restorations! Just click on one to get started!!