Ride Quality


Through out the web site you may have noticed the satisfaction triangle, “Ride Comfort, Performance, Alignment”. This is the formula used in the design of all DJM Suspension kits, with ride quality being king. What good is it to lower your truck, make it look fantastic, and then have it ride like *;#*. Ride Quality is the prime directive which drives all aspects of design. All DJM kits are road tested, alignment tested (must be able to align to factory specs), and style tested.

Ride Quality is the direct result of how a truck is lowered! You may have seen on other pages references to one way is better than another to lower. As far as ride quality goes it is absolutely true. Heated or cut springs are the worst when it comes to the comfort of your ride. Engineered coil springs lower your truck but don’t do anything positive about the quality of the ride. Control Arms, and spindles will not by themselves change the ride quality. So whats the deal?

DJM Suspension makes several different ways to lower your trucks and suv’s. We manufacture control arms, spindles, coil springs, flip kits, etc. Which way to lower any given truck is a matter of opinion, but there are some stubborn facts you can consider when deciding which way is best for you! Fact: all things considered control arms are the best way to lower your truck. They can be used to lower more trucks lower without changing coil springs than any other method. Of course we think Calmax Control Arms are the best! Spindles are second best because you can lower most truck without having to use shorter springs. And as you may have guessed we think DJM Spindles are second to none. Third on the list of preferred lowering methods is engineered coil springs. It is important to note here that not all springs are the same. Be very careful of really inexpensive lowering springs, you get what you pay for with springs, stick to brand names. And since your wondering we think DJM makes the best coil springs.

Now would be a great time to mention Calmax SuperShocks. They are an important cog in the wheel of ride quality. And while Calmax SuperShocks work great with all DJM parts they also contribute to ride quality with other brands and just plain stock. You can’t buy a better factory replacement shock than Calmax SuperShocks.

One more thing about ride quality. Huge wheels can make a truck or suv ride awful whether it is lowered or not. Super low aspect ratio tires used on huge wheels amplify road noise and are very uncomfortable. They are also almost impossible to balance properly. They cause a lot of tech calls because most of the time wheels like this and suspension kits are installed at the same time. When vibrations and a very coarse ride is encountered it is almost always blamed on the suspension kit and almost in every case the problem can be solved by scaling back the wheels. The cost of these wheels are substantial, much more than a suspension kit, and the customer often wishes they had spent more on the suspension kit and used a slightly smaller wheel with a bigger aspect ratio tire.