1966 Ford F100 Budget Makeover


DJM Lowers a 1966 Ford F100 with our popular Dream Beams. Before the work begins, documenting ride height and alignment numbers is an important step when replacing and upgrading you're suspension. We're going to lower this 1966 Ford F100, fix a few things and stay on budget with this makeover. Follow along as we remove repair and replace the entire suspension. Lowering it 3" in the front and about 5" in the rear. This 66 F100 is pretty solid but there are some issues that need attention to make it a daily driver. Here we go, stay tuned for more episodes of the Budget 66 F100.

Part 2 - 66 F100 Budget Project

DJM's  F100 Budget Project move's into removing the factory suspension!

Part 3 - 66 F100 Budget Project

Part 3 of the DJM 1966 Ford F100 Budget Project is about installing your DJM Dream Beams

Part 4 - 66 F100 Budget Project

DJM 1966 Ford F100 Budget Project gets the rear lowered about 4 inches